Early History

   Galeton Incorporated on September 7, 1896 was formerly named Pike Mills. The name of the post office was changed on December 30, 1885, and named in honor of the Gale family who had opened a tannery there in 1880.
    The first settler, John Ives, settled here soon after 1810. He had very little company until about 1830 when several families settled on Pine Creek and up the West Branch Valley. As in most of the county, early development was slow. After 1860, lumbermen pushed across the county line in search of white pine logs. The first log drive on Pone Creek took place during the early years of the Civil War. The tannery in 1880 and the Clinton sawmill in 1884, spurred industrial growth. Also the Addison & Northern Pennsylvania Railroad reached Galeton in 1883.
   Mr. Clinton sold his mill to the Goodyears in 1895. The mill was completely rebuilt and the headquarters for the Goodyear Enterprises moved from Austin to Galeton. They also constructed shops for their railroad called Buffalo & Susquehanna at Galeton. The Schwarzenbach Brewing Company moved from Germania to Galeton in 1902 to be near the railroad. Potter County was dry but the brewery prospered.
   In 1910, the Census listed Galeton with 4,027 people. This was the only town in the county to ever have over 4,000 people.
   The West Branch Valley still has several industries which have replaced those established before the turn of the century. Today Galeton is noted for recreation facilities. It can be said that Galeton is the doorway to "God's Country".

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