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I tried to change the content level in Explorer 5 and it says I need a password and I don't know the password.

What questions can I ask the Guru? Who is the Guru?  How long does it take to get an answer?.

I am running win98, but cannot locate the reskit file.    Any suggestions?.

How do I get rid of the little yellow speaker in my taskbar?.

We have Windows98 with Outlook for mail. We also have 2 login names but only 1 mail account.    Is it possible for one user to read the mail and still have the other user see the mail on their account?.

How to I get rid of the Task Scheduler icon from my taskbar?

This may be a duplicate since I don't know if my daughter sent it or not, My question is: What does it mean when a message in the outlook express has been "Red Flagged" ?  I have 98 windows second edition and I can't find the answer in any of my books.

My  son installed windows 98 second edition recently and now the only way i can connect to Yahoo messenger is the behind the firewall setting,which will not allow  voice chat.He installed clean sweep internet sweep and clean sweep smart sweep ,any suggestions on how to connect no proxies or with proxy?

Hi, I would like to know how to set up my computer when using the phone line, that would tell me when someone is calling me when I have the phone line in use with the computer. I have made call's to some people and they have a answering service that will say I am on my computer right know and I will return your call in a few minutes. Please help Guru. 


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