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July 20 ... Added this page

July 20 ... We are doing a lot of   "behind the scenes work".  We are re-writing the code on 42 pages.   To make them work with the New Netscape 6 browser which uses a different type of code than other browsers.  Those of you not using the New browser will not see any changes.     We have 2 of the 42 pages done.. Once we get these pages done, look for a lot of changes to this Web site.

July 21...Re-wrote the code on the Potter County Quiz pages to make them Netscape 6 compatible.  We now have 5 of the 42 pages done..

August 7...Added pages to Coudersport, Austin, Potter County,and tips pages

August 25...Added a link to my friend's messageboard to my main page and agreed to help him maintain it.

Sept 10... Added more links and fixed a lot of pages

Sept 30...We have been working for the last couple of weeks on a couple of big projects which we will put on the web upon completion

Nov 25...Updated Links, added color to the scroll bars, worked on making all pages Netscape 6 compatable, added more tips, been working on a lot of web sites which has been taking up a lot of our time, but look for this site to greatly improve after the first of the year.

April 08...We are now a web hosting company.  We can offer web space, e-mail accounts, and much more at  very reasonable rates.

July 28... Added more stores to the virtual tour and updated links

March 1, 2002... Added a Postcard feature

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