Top 10 Reasons...

1.  Award Winning...  Our sites have won  awards to view some of them Click Here

2.  Reasonable Rates... We offer quality web design at very reasonable rates.  To see a complete listing of our rates Click Here

3.  You own your own domain name...  If you want your own domain name, this is one area that you should be awful careful of if you have someone design your website.  Some web designers register your name as their own this may cause problems if you become dissatisfy with your Web designer or Host.  They actually own your name and can use it as blackmail against you.   We do not believe in this, We believe you spent years building a name for yourself and you should own your own domain name.

4.  We are knowledgeable... in JavaScript, Java Applets, HTML, DHTML, Search Engines, Image optimization, Photo Shop, Image enhancement, Animated gifs constructions, CGI code, Meta Tags, Shopping Carts, as well as using popular editing programs, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT

5. We check our work... with all the major browsers and versions of the major browsers, as well as different screen sizes. It is very surprising how many Web designers don't check their work out with different browsers and screen sizes.  We have Microsoft Explorer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Netscape 3, 4 , 4.7 and 6  installed on our computer to check for incompatibility. We also have Web TV browser on our computer.   This is a must to be sure that  your site works in all browsers. This is very important to find out why Click Here.

6.  Large Collection... We put together a large collection of backgrounds, artwork, sounds, music, giffs, scripts, and other web designing tools to make your page look unique and save time

7.   Customization...   Besides the thousands of backgrounds and graphics, we can custom make backgrounds and graphics even  animated gifs to suit your special needs.

8.   Fast, Friendly Service...  Some web designers put you on hold for months while designing your site.  We are anxious to get your job done and you will see results almost immediately.  We consider each client as our friends and we are trying to help them get their spot on the Web.

9.  Satisfied Customers...  Our goal is to have happy satisfied web design customers.   For comments from some of clients.  Click Here

10.   Up-to-date software and computers with fast internet connection... Our computer system is one of the fastest and with a fast internet connection, we don't spend a lot of time up-loading and down-loading files.   The results is that we can do your web site in less time than a Web designer using slower system and we can pass  the savings on to our customers.

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   Did we mention that we are very knowledgeable at designing award winning web sites at reasonable rates using modern equipment and up-dated software with  fast  connection using a large collection of graphics, scripts, and sounds or customized design graphics and that we check the site with multiple browsers and screen sizes to be sure that our customers are satisfied with our fast,  friendly service and that if you want a domain name we register it under your name not ours?

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